Wohl Campus, Kisharon Noé School, A Loftus Learning Centre

Kisharon Langdon Noé School offers a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment for pupils aged between 4 and 19 with a range of educational needs.

Our experienced teachers and therapists work in effective partnership with families and other professionals to ensure all our pupils can reach their potential and feel prepared for life beyond their school years.

Learning journey

Our broad and balanced curriculum, underpinned by its Jewish ethos, is designed to inspire and challenge, whilst meeting each child’s individual needs. With a focus on building independence and resilience, we encourage pupils to participate in a wide range of creative, cultural and sporting opportunities. We also provide taster sessions and work placements for our older years as part of our comprehensive careers programme. We are ambitious for all our pupils and ensure there are no obstacles to their learning or development.

Specialist facilities

Our pupils also benefit immensely from the school’s exceptional state-of-the-art facilities which include a hydrotherapy pool, sensory stimulation room, trampoline room, soft play area, Eco Hub and music therapy room.

Contact us:

Kisharon Langdon Noé School
Kisharon Langdon Wohl Campus, a Loftus Learning Centre
54 Parson Street
London, NW4 1TP

Phone: 020 8455 7483

Headteacher: Dr Emily Haddock