Community programming

Through a stimulating programme of educational, social, and cultural activities, our Social Care Programme builds life skills, encourages independence and promotes wellbeing.

Sessions are led by specialist staff, volunteers, and members of our programming team in a relaxed, supported setting and include:

  • Wellbeing classes which use meditation and simple affirmations to help regulate emotions
  • Lego sessions to promote teamwork, dexterity and creativity
  • Science workshops which introduce a new experiment every week
  • A gardening programme where participants learn to plant seeds and flowers, and grow their own vegetables
  • Shop, Cook, Eat where participants shop together, cook together and of course, eat together! These sessions educate about healthy, cost-effective food, introduce new cooking techniques, and emphasise the importance of teamwork
Community collaboration

As part of our social care offering, we collaborate with other community-based organisations, which creates a greater range of people and places with whom people we support can connect. Particularly impactful is Maccabi GB’s Streetwise project which enables participants to develop personal safety skills and street awareness as they look to expand their experiences in the community and increase their independence.

To find out more, please contact Debbie Rees.