Neil realises ambition to help the homeless

Neil ran a fundraising stall and is to start volunteering with the homeless charity Emmaus thanks to the support of Kisharon Langdon staff.

Neil, in supported living for 15 years, said: “Growing up in Watford, I remember seeing people living rough and I wondered why not much was done to help them.”

Neil’s empathy for the homeless remained constant and he often donated his own money to support the cause. 

Aidan Metcalf, Community Enterprise and Employment Skills Manager said: “We decided to visit local homeless charity Emmaus Mossley and Neil loved it. After conversations, we decided to do a fundraiser which means Neil can be involved in supporting the homeless in a safer manner. While doing this, we met several people involved with the charity and Neil now has the opportunity to volunteer for Emmaus Salford. The fundraising is in Neil’s name”

Planters, lavender bags, sunflowers and other items created by Kisharon Langdon people were sold at the fundraising event. 

Neil, who will also help decide how Emmaus spends the proceeds of his fundraising, added: “I am very excited to be doing this.”

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