Members pack Pesach treats for the Army

As many as 100 soldiers, pilots, sailors, reservists and other Jewish servicemen and women serving in the British Armed Forces opened boxes of Pesach goods packed by Kisharon Langdon. 

Inside the boxes were grape juice, matzo serviettes, snacks and other gifts for the festival. Pesach-themed toys and cupcake kits were packed for families with children. 

The HM Armed Forces Jewish Community commissioned the packages for Pesach from Kisharon Langdon – for the fourth year in a row – for Jewish servicemen and women across the UK and overseas.

The response from recipients showed the boxes were gratefully received. ‘Thank you for the lovely Pesach care package received today. It’s so greatly appreciated.’ ‘Thank you so much for the Pesach package. All the sweets have have already disappeared.’ ‘As we were just going out the postman gave me a box. Thanks for the Pesach gift.’

The order was welcomed too by the Kisharon Langdon enterprise team – people with learning disabilities whose job it is to buy, pack and post the whole consignment. 

Aviva Braunold, Learning and Development Lead, said that while the personal details of customers in all delivery jobs were highly confidential, work for the armed forces was governed by even higher controls. 

She said: “The enterprise team learned about data protection, as well as everything else!”

The enterprise team – there are 28 members in all – shopped for the items, packed the cartons, worked out the cost of postage according to weight and delivered the boxes to the post office.  The boxes were tailored to the needs of individual families with children receiving items appropriate for their age. 

“The enterprise team were very excited and look forward to do this for many months in advance,” Aviva added.

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