Matched funding campaign: Members bring and buy sale makes £1k

A bring and buy sale at Maccabi House in Edgware, run by Kisharon Langdon members, raised £1k for the matched funding campaign.

Stalls were piled high with jewellery, craft items, books, toiletries, paintings, bric-a-brac and confectionery – some donated or hand-made while other items were brought in for sale by visitors.

Debbie Rees, Head of Social Care Programming said:

“Members decided to organise a bring and buy sale as their contribution to the matched funding campaign.

“Around 30 people ran stalls, supported by staff or volunteers, and all asked family and friends to come. The sale lasted two hours and the room got very crowded. It was great to see members so engaged and invested in this.”

Friday Night Dinner volunteers donated chocolate, sweets and drinks for the tuck stall, members made arts and crafts, the New Chapter business gave second-hand books, visitors donated jewellery and one lady put up for sale a collection of paintings owned by her late husband.

“There was a real community feel at this event. It was a very innovative way for members collectively to give back,” Debbie added.

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