London Marathon runners raise £30k

An Australian on a mission to run the world’s six major marathons was one of nine runners who raised more than £30k for Kisharon Langdon in this year’s London Marathon. 

Australian Danny Harris joined Dan Schauer from the US and Naftali Levene, at yeshiva in Israel, in crossing oceans to take part.

Expressing heartfelt thanks to Danny (3:29:31), Naftali (3:39:13) and Dan (3:40:02), Fundraising Manager Emma Nagli said: “We are immensely grateful for the worldwide support this has brought us.”

Other runners were Mischa Kowall (4:44:58), Ollie Lenga (4:49:46), David Nezri (4:18:07), Clark Norton, Daniel Rodin (5:14:15) and Yomi Cohen (4:08:03). Emma added: “We are deeply thankful for their dedication and effort. Their commitment to Kisharon Langdon fills us with pride and their achievements benefit the members and individuals we support.” 

Danny, Chief Financial Officer of Australian security firm, ESS, said: “While I didn’t grow up in London, I have always felt a connection to the city, as it’s home to family and friends. I’m currently on a mission to complete the six world major marathons, and London’s marathon has always been on my list.

“The decision to run for Kisharon Langdon was driven by my commitment to support causes that make a significant impact within communities I care about. Learning about the organisation’s dedicated efforts to support the Jewish community, especially in providing educational and life opportunities to those with learning disabilities, resonated deeply with me. Knowing that I have friends and family who would greatly benefit only strengthened my resolve to participate.”

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