£2.2m raised and we’re on top of the world

Kisharon Langdon smashed its £2million fundraising target, raising over £2.2m in 36 hours, with money still coming in.

This incredible achievement was only made possible by the 5,423 individual donations,173 ambitious champions and dozens of generous matchers who pledged to double every donation during the 36-hour campaign. 

Champions stepped up to run fundraising pages on the Charity Extra website and to ask for donations from families, friends and colleagues. They were inspired by messages from Chief Executive Richard Franklin, trustees and Kisharon Langdon directors and the fundraising team, and buoyed by videos and messages of thanks.

Among the champions were staff, volunteers, supporters and members, including pupils of Kisharon Noé School and Team Create and Bake which each raised more than £4k.

Another group – The Enterprise Team – made up of members who take on shopping, packing and delivery jobs including running the Bag My Treats business, raised a whopping £28,500.

A good-hearted touch came from Ben Chalk of Hendon company Construction Consultants who made a donation to every champion in the campaign.

All received £18 whose numerical value in Hebrew is chai meaning life. Ben said:

“I know a lot of people in the community and I had 32 requests to donate! Kisharon Langdon is fortunate enough to have heavy hitters but I wanted to give a push to smaller teams as well to tell them, well done, keep on going.

“We’re privileged to have a charity like Kisharon Langdon, giving people with disabilities a good chance in life. The impact of having a disabled child on a family is enormous, but Kisharon Langdon is always there.”

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